With over 20 years in the Health & Wellness space, Julie Cielo is considered a Master of her craft. Her career in Mind/Body medicine began long before she was completely clear about where she was going with her work. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania hunting, foraging, and fermenting with her Italian immigrant grandparents. Diagnosed at age 14 with a severe Scoliosis that doctors insisted was only treatable by doing a double Harrington rod surgery, Julie decided to take her health into her own hands. She began self-studying yoga and receiving Trigger Point Therapy from a colorful local named Bob. Bob’s uniform consisted of bib overalls and his office was a dirt country road. His treatment actually worked, as many of the resident Amish in the community would attest to.

After recovering, Julie went off to college in Florida and became a Funeral Director. Her love for art & science coupled with her gift of being able to communicate with the dead (a gift she realized at age 8 after the death of her great grandmother) seemed like a likely fit. She later realized that she could give back in a way that allowed her to align with the Light more effectively so she became a Massage Therapist. She studied Trigger Point Therapy extensively over many years.

Vipassana Meditation was introduced to Julie at age 19. After multiple 10 day silent retreats, Julie attributes meditation as the gateway into her true desire to expand and grow.

In 2001, she was certified as a Yoga Instructor. Years of extensive study in several styles has made her an authority in the field. It was also in 2001 that Julie fell ill with a debilitating AutoImmune disease caused by a total deficiency of good bacteria in her gut. She did not receive any help from Western medicine so she earned a degree in Natural Health Studies and nursed herself back to health over the course of a year and a half, repopulating her gut with good bacteria. This experience at age 24 led her to understand the importance of good bacteria and how our guts are the source of our health.

In 2009, Julie earned her degree as a Yoga Therapist to better understand how to use the tools of yoga broadening her customized craft to even a higher level, incorporating Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and functional medicine to work with clients that suffer with musculoskeletal issues, AutoImmune conditions, and related problems. She is a lifelong student and is always furthering her knowledge to be more effective as a friend, teacher, practitioner, retreat leader, speaker, life coach, and more.

Julie believes in living life by design, not default. She has always used her challenges as opportunities and encourages others to do the same. She sees clients privately on the west side of Los Angeles, CA where she lives with her trusted sidekick french bulldog.

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